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The CAA consultation only enables comment on issues that have been missed or misinterpreted. The link below sets out key points that should be referenced in your response. We encourage you to add your own additional observations on the impact of these decisions. The consultation closes on the 3rd February 2020.


Please see below link to our suggested responses. Use these to inform your response to the CAA which can be made through the link to the CAA Consultation Page.





Whilst the CAA are inviting limited comments, you can complain clearly and strongly to a number of other influential people.  Here, you can say exactly how you feel and tell them what you want them to do.  Perhaps you would like to ask them to...?:


  • Stop the current RNAV flightpaths being de-listed and bring all flightpaths back to the NPR

  • Prevent the NPR being moved north

  • Prevent the move north becoming a precedent for the new Gatwick consultation underway on Route 4.


Please send emails to the following:






Suggested Responses Link to CAA Consultation Page