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Gatwick's Draft Master Plan 2018

By Plane Wrong, Nov 28 2018 08:13PM

Please Read this newsletter carefully. The above plan has potential very serious consequences.

Gatwick Airport Limited has produced a draft master plan to allow it to handle even more passengers than it does today (45 million). One of their scenarios aims to increase this to over 70 million passengers by using the existing standby runway for departures. That’s a very big increase!

Gatwick Airport Limited are conducting a public consultation on this plan that ends on 10th January 2019

Gatwick’s Draft Master Plan 2018 contains three options

Where it remains a single runway operation using the existing main runway.

Where the existing standby runway is routinely used together with the main runway.

Where they continue to safeguard for an additional runway to the south.

These scenarios are not exclusive choices; Gatwick could transition from one to another within the timeframes discussed in their draft master plan.

Gatwick is a single runway airport that has a standby runway for emergency use when the main runway is out of use for any reason. The Section 52 Agreement with West Sussex County Council precludes the simultaneous use of both runways. This agreement expires in 2019. This explains why the plan is being published now.

By operating both runways simultaneously, Gatwick would be able to add between 10 and 15 additional hourly aircraft flights at peak times, which could deliver up to 70 million passengers by 2032. Well over a 50% increase compared with today. That’s 50% more people trying to get in and out of Gatwick, more pollution and more pressure on the local roads and other infrastructure.

The consultation contains 11 questions which gives you the opportunity to oppose this threat to the peaceful enjoyment of your environment?

You will find these 11 questions at the end of this newsletter together with some suggested responses.

The Master plan summary can be found at

The full Master plan can be found at

Take part in the consultation which can be found at:

Take advice from the Plane Wrong website which can be found at:

Take advice from Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign website which can be found at:

Gatwick Draft Master Plan Questions and suggested responses

To what extent, if at all, do you support or oppose the principle of growing Gatwick by making best use of the existing runways in line with Government policy?

· Strongly oppose

Please explain why you hold this view.

· Aircraft using Gatwick already create an intolerable level of noise for many local residents -any increase in the frequency of aircraft would be totally unacceptable.

· More flights will generate even more road traffic causing even more congestion and pollution.

Given the draft master plan looks out beyond 2030, to what extent, if at all, do you agree or disagree that land (mainly to the south of the airport) that has been safeguarded since 2006 should continue to be safeguarded for the future construction of an additional main runway?

· Strongly disagree

Please explain why you hold this view.

· The Airports Commission “unequivocally and unanimously” selected Heathrow and that decision was overwhelmingly endorsed by parliament.

· Continued safeguarding of the land to build an additional main runway leaves a threat of huge future expansion hanging over the heads of local residents.

What more, if anything, do you believe should be done to maximise the employment and economic benefits resulting from Gatwick’s continued growth?

· The local area does not need yet further Gatwick expansion in order to thrive.

· Even more dependence on the airport reduces resilience in the event of an economic downturn.

What more if anything, do you think should be done to minimise the noise impact of Gatwick’s continued growth?

· Gatwick needs to address the noise issues already caused by growth to date. Many local residents have suffered huge increases in noise over the past few years, in particular those to the north of the airport affected by Routes 3 and 4. The frequency of aircraft flying identical flight paths has made life intolerable for many residents. Gatwick airport has been quite cynical in the way it has ignored genuine complaints.

What more, if anything, do you think should be done to minimise the other environmental impacts of Gatwick’s continued growth?

· Any further expansion will cause further environmental impact – do not expand numbers of flights further but achieve any expansion through the use of bigger aircraft and with higher load factors.

Do you believe our approach to community engagement, as described in the draft master plan, should be improved, and if so, how?

· Community engagement is not just about sponsorship of local events and charities – it should be about caring about the impact of noise and road traffic on local communities.

If you make use of Gatwick, what areas of passenger experience would you like to see improved?

· No comment

Are there any areas of our Surface Access Strategy that you believe should be improved and, if so what are they?

· Strategies need to prioritise reducing the road traffic impact on local rural communities.

· More passengers and staff should be induced to use rail and motorway access.

Do you have any other comments to make about the Gatwick Airport draft master plan?

· Gatwick needs to consider how to reduce the impact caused on local communities by its growth to date, rather than considering facilitating further growth.

Best wishes

Mike Ward



Jan 7 2019 04:51PM by Reginald Stubbs & rosemary Stubbs

We agree entirely with "Planewrong`s" analysis of the situation. The noise would be intolerable especially with the advent of route 4 over southern reigate and the local infrastructure is totally unsuitable for the increased passenger numbers. Use larger planes to cope.

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