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Gatwick Airport have published their masterplan for growth. Their proposals include options for using the emergency runway - a second runway by stealth?

Three Options

The Masterplan includes three options for growth. The first makes best use of technology to increase aircraft movements using exisitng runways. The second uses the exisitng emergency runway and the third is to 'safegaurd' land to south of the airport for a second runway.


Gatwick claims that noise impacts can be mitigated by using quieter aircraft, keeping the noise envelop similar today However, Gatwick make absolutely no commitments to reduce noise levels and still fail to understand the true impact of more frequent noise events on people. 


Flightpaths will be similar today which means increased volumes and frequency of aircraft for those under existing flight paths. The only people that benefit from this are the airport industry and their shareholders at the expense of community wellbeing.  





Plane Wrong Presentation Gatwick's Masterplan
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