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Heathrow have announced that expansion plans could affect residents close to Gatwick.  Plans to increase flights before the third runway is built mean more flights will be routed over Surrey.  

Heathrow Route Maps

Heathrow have published a set of “design envelopes” which show potential arrival and departure routes associated with their expansion.  They plan to fly up to 50 aircraft an hour through the departure envelope separated into three paths, and up to 47 per hour through the arrival envelopes.  These aircraft will be above 5000 feet but will still create significant noise. Critically they restrain Gatwick departing aircraft from climbing above 4,000ft. This goes agains the objective to reduce noise at Gatwick by operating aircraft at higher altitudes when flying sensitive departure routes.


If these envelopes are implemented aircraft noise will affect even more people than is currently the case with just Gatwick aircraft.  Click here to see full details of the proposed routes.


Heathrow Envelope