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Our focus is on the reversing the changes to flight paths along the LAM 26 route. However, there are a number of other issues that may also affect local residents.

Second Runway

The Airports Commision reported back on its consultation on airport expansion in July 2015. The recomendation of the Commision was for expansion at Heathrow. In autumn 2016, the government announced that they were backing a expansion at Heathrow. Whilst this has been seen as a relief for communities around Gatwick Airport, GAL appear still commited to expansion at Gatwick.


Ockham Stack

An airspace trial has been held between 30 April-30 September 2015 on the operation of the Ockham stack.

The Ockham stack is one of four areas where aircraft are held at busy times awaiting landing space at Heathrow Airport. Aircraft held in the stack fly an elongated circular pattern extending as far south as Dorking and as far east and west as Ashtead and Little Bookham respectively. The area can contain up to nine aircraft ‘stacked’ vertically at 1000ft intervals. National Air Traffic Services (NATS) who are conducting the trial say they are not expecting any perceptible change on the ground because the position and height of the stack is not changing, and a similar trial at another stack at Biggin Hill has not resulted in flightpath concentration.


If any residents are disturbed by aircraft noise as a result of the trial, please let us know and content your local councillor. You can also register a complaint to Heathrow Airport by emailing [email protected] or using the complaint form on the Heathrow Airport website.



Aircraft from departing Heathrow using 27L/R DVR fly over areas between Dorking and Reigate. You can register complaints using the same links above.

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