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Join our Not another summer! campaign to keep Gatwick on track to implement changes to Route 4 by May 2016.



Gatwick Airport (GAL) have committed to implementing changes to Route 4 by May 2016, albeit subject to results of simulation testing. It is important that we put pressure on GAL to maintain this timeline and that we are not subject to another summer of misery.  


Take action by writing to GAL with the following key messages:

  • GAL previously committed to reverting flights to within the NPR within 3-6months, it is now one year on from that time.

  • We understand that the CAA and GAL have confirmed an implementation plan that will see flights returned to the NPR by May 2016

  • Please confirm that GAL are on track to keep this date, as indicated by Charles Kirwan-Taylor in his recent blog.

  • We will be extremely disappointed if we have to suffer another summer of disruption.


We suggest you also write to your MP and the CAA with a similar request using the contact details below.  Keep up to date with GAL's progress through their blog. In the run up to the change to summer schedules at the end of March, we also encourage you keep complaining to the Gatwick Noise line.



Charles Kirwan-Taylor,

Director, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability

Email: [email protected]



Mark Swan, Director, Airspace Policy

Email: [email protected]


Local MPs

Sir Paul Beresford MP for Mole Valley

Email: [email protected]


Crispin Blunt MP for Reigate

Email: [email protected]


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