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Easterly Departure Route 3 Impacts

The concentration of flightpaths as a result of PRNAV on Route 3 has impacted areas south of Reigate. Supporters of Plane Wrong have observed a slight northerly shift in the route. Although planes are still within the NPR swathe, unlike any other departure Route from Gatwick Airport, the planes are concentrated on the outer edge of the swathe.


The result is that many residents of Nutfield, Redhill and Reigate are significantly affected by aircraft noise despite living outside the NPR swathe.


Plane Wrong are exploring options for dispersal on Route 3 and encourage residents to keep complaining to Gatwick.


The Nutfield Conservation Society are also campaigning for changes to Route 3. 


We remain concerned about the long term implications of PBN/PRNAV on all flight paths around Gatwick due to the increase in concentration this brings. We are continuing to work with other groups around Gatwick to take seriously the concerns of people living under the flight paths.

The implementation of Performance Navigation (PRNAV) in 2014 had significant impact to communities living under departure Routes 3 and 4 from Gatwick.  

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