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The CAA have published their draft Post Implementation Review (PIR) report this week which concludes that Route 4 will return to a more northerly route, unravelling all our work over the last 5 years. This is a reversal of their decision in 2016 following legal action brought by Plane Justice.  If the CAA’s decision is enacted, it will severely impact communities outside the Noise Preferential Route swathe from Beare Green, parts of Coldharbour through the Holmwoods and Leigh. Communities from Brockham and  Betchworth to South Reigate and Redhill, including East Surrey Hospital, will be impacted.


Implications of the report


If this decision is confirmed following the short consultation period, Route 4, which is the busiest Gatwick departure route, with over 3,000 departures a month, will move 1,000m north of its current position and close to areas already affected by Route 3 and Heathrow aircraft. Gatwick intend making this major airspace change with minimal consultation.


However, the conclusion of this PIR is based on numerous errors and misinterpretation of data. We have a number of objections and are the reviewing the potential grounds for contesting the decision with our lawyers.


To avoid a return to this misery, we need your help.

Route 4 is on the move: Urgent action required.

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