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On 6th May, the CAA published CAP 1912 which confirmed their earlier draft decision to move Route 4 in spite of the legal arguments raised by our advisors and the objections put forward by Plane Wrong and our supporters.


The CAA listed the objections that they had received during their "consultation" and dismissed them all out of hand.


They have demanded that Gatwick move the route by 8th October 2020 at the latest although Gatwick Airport have stated that they cannot do this safely until February 2021.


If you are used to seeing aircraft passing to the south of your home, they will soon be moving 1,000m closer to you and that will double the noise that you experience from each aircraft.


Please look at the map to see where the new route will be.


Plane Wrong has been working with our legal advisors to prepare a challenge to the CAA decision.  We are also working to ensure that the new Airspace Change Process takes account of all residents affected by Route 4 and not just one small group.


In the past 12 months Plane Wrong has spent around £20,000 on legal fees alone which we were able to afford because of your generous donations.  


However, we now urgently need significant levels of further funding to fight the decision by the CAA and to ensure we can influence the new ACP. We need funds for legal fees, technical advice from airspace designers and other ongoing expenses. Legal action alone could cost between £50,000 and £100,000.


We are therefore asking for immediate donations and pledges to allow us to continue to fight this unjust action which ignores the rights of the huge number of residents who will be affected.


CAA confirm decision to move Gatwick Route 4

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