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Westerly Departure Route 4 Impacts

The implementation of PRNAV resulted in the majority of planes flying outside the Noise Preference Route and in a highly concentrated pattern. The Post Implementation Review undertaken by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed that Gatwick Airport should redesign the route so that aircraft were rerouted back inside the NPR.


Using funds generousouly donated by suporters, Plane Wrong commissioned independent airspace designers TO70 to demonstrate how PRNAV could be used to replicate flight paths (conventional SID) prior to the implementation. Route 4 has subsequently been redesigned by Gatwick Airport to return flights within the NPR.


The changes to Route 4 were implemented on 26th May 2016. Plane Wrong have recevied mixed responses from residents and we are monitoring the situation carefully. Gatwick Airport are publishing regular updates on their Blog and residents can email [email protected] with feedback.  


The GAL are currently reviewing the perfromance of the modifications made to Route 4. Plane Wrong have carried out our own analyisis on the performance during the six months since the changes were made. Airspace consultants TO70 have reviewed samples of the raw data over this period. This assessment found that whilst the majority of planes now fly within the NPR swathe, there are still a significant number that are not.


We have written to the CAA and GAL highlighting the remaining performance issues. We are calling for them to ensure Gatwick Airport improve the perfromance of Route 4. A full copy our submission can be found here.



The implementation of Performance Navigation (PRNAV) in 2014 had significant impact to communities living under departure Routes 3 and 4 from Gatwick.  

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