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Our aims are:


•to campaign to reduce the impact of noise and emissions on communities in the area north of Gatwick Airport affected by departure routes: R26DVR/BIG/CLN/LAM (Route 4) and R08KENET (Route 3) and any successor routes that may be implemented in future


•to campaign against any Gatwick expansion plans that do not include a balancing and verifiable reduction in noise and emissions


•to campaign against the environmental impact of Gatwick expansion including road congestion.


•to seek to avoid multiple routes affecting the same communities and raise awareness of the combined impact of flights from both Gatwick and Heathrow on local communities: the effects of aircraft noise, frequency and environmental implications


•to support the continuation of current NPR swathes and argue for all flights to be contained within these swathes, based on flying the centreline of the NPR.


•to ensure that departure flights are dispersed and concentration is avoided as much as possible.

PlaneWrong is a non political group set up by residents in September 2014 to campaign for a reversal changes to Gatwick Airport Flight Paths as a result of the introduction of more accurate Performance Navigation (PR-NAV).

We are linked to other community groups campaigning on similar issues and are affiliated to:

We are a group of volunteers drawn from the towns and villages that lie to the north of Gatwick Airport.

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