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Our aims are:


  • to protest against the changes to the westerly departure Route 4 (R26DVR/BIG/CLN/LAM) from Gatwick Airport, effective from November 2013, and to re-instate all flight paths on this route within the Noise Preferential Route        

       (NPR), which was established when the airport opened in 1968.


  • to obtain respite for those under concentrated flight paths on both westerly departure Route 4  

       (R26DVR/BIG/CLN/LAM) and easterly departure Route 3 (R08KENET).  


  • to ensure that any consultation conducted with the general public is accessible, understandable and unbiased.


  • to provide a view on any proposals relating to a second runway at Gatwick Airport.


In May 2016, Gatwick Airport implemented changes to Route 4.   Follow the links for a map of all routes at Gatwick, more information on Route 3 and Route 4. You can also find out about Gatwicks Masterplan for Growth. We are also impacted by Heathrow and potentially also changes proposed to Heathrow Flight Paths.

PlaneWrong is a non political group set up by residents in September 2014 to campaign for a reversal changes to Gatwick Airport Flight Paths as a result of the introduction of more accurate Performance Navigation (PR-NAV).

We are linked to other community groups campaigning on similar issues and are affiliated to:

We are a group of volunteers drawn from the towns and villages that lie to the north of Gatwick Airport.

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