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You can continue to raise awareness of the issues and how they affect you by writing to the DFT, CAA and local MPs. We encourage you especially to write to your MP and Councillors regarding issuse related to the CAA Report.  





Tim May,

UK Airspace Policy

Department for Transport

Zone 1/26, Great Minster House

33 Horseferry Road

London SW1P 4DR

Email: [email protected]


Members of Parliament

Your local MPs are:


Sir Paul Beresford MP for Mole Valley

Email: [email protected]


Crispin Blunt MP for Reigate

Email: [email protected]


Or post to:

House of Commons, Westminster,

London SW1A 0AA





County Councillors

Your local Councilors are:


Reigate Zully Grantduff

Email: [email protected]


Redhill West & Meadvale Natalie Bramhall

Email: [email protected]


Dorking Rural Helyn Clack

Email: [email protected]


Dorking South & Holmwoods Stephen Cooksey

Email: [email protected]



Mark Swan

Director, Airspace Policy

Civil Aviation Authority

CAA House

45-59 Kingsway

London WC2B 6TE

Email: [email protected]


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